Coastwide Professional™ Heavy-Duty Cleaner-Degreaser 65 Eco-ID


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Power through your toughest cleaning challenges. With Heavy-Duty Cleaner-Degreaser 65, you can remove industrial greases and oils, animal fats, permanent ink, crayon wax… almost any water- or oil-based soil as safely as if you were using plain water. It’s a versatile product that delivers outstanding cleaning and degreasing performance on just about any nonporous surface throughout your shop, factory, office, restaurant, school or home, and it always wipes clean, film- and residue-free. As it’s designed for both task and application versatility, it’s equally useful at home in a trigger sprayer, mop bucket, auto-scrubber, floor machine or pressure washer. Concentrated Eco-ID™ product dilutes at 1 oz per gallon, a 1:129 ratio. Phosphate-free. UPC: 718103300773 Click here for the Safety Data Sheet for this product. UPC: 718103300773




Coastwide Professional™


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