Stanley Bostitch Twist-n-Sharp Pencil Sharpener, One-Hole, 3.5″ x


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A fun and stylish design with an innovative ratchet mechanism for fast and easy sharpening — perfect for school, work or home. Sturdy, compact, handheld sharpener safely and conveniently travels in any school bag or pencil case. Adjustment knob makes it easy to choose a sharp or a blunt tip based on your preferences. Tip Saver™ technology prevents over-sharpening, extending the pencil’s life. Internal shavings receptacle captures loose pencil shavings to eliminate messes. Flip-down side door allows for quick shavings disposal. Color-pencil compatible. CUBE: 1.00 UPC: 077914057567 UPC: 077914057567




Stanley Bostitch


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